please send some examples for repeat and sequance stmt

this is koti iam now entered to learn about repeat and sequance steps
now I want to learn some examples for these stmts
pls help me

A sequence holds a number of steps. I allows you to immediately exit if a currently executing step fails, is successful, or continue through every step it contains regardless of pass or fail (as long as it is not an exit that can jump out higher).
A repeat step is a bad mix of a for loop and do_while loop. You can have a max execute count and a condition to repeat on. These are filter with a pause time. I tend to use it with an “EXIT from Loop” step. It serves me best as a loop for building structures. LOOP works better for breaking down or transposing. Good day.

Yemi Bedu

See the Flow statement appendix in the Developer’s Guide and download the WmSamples package from Advantage.


as far i know

Sequences is mainly used for:
Exception Handling
Logical Grouping

is there anything extra we can use sequence for??? pls let me know.