Placing AVRO files on Integration Server


Can anybody help on how to place the Avro files and referencing AVRO files on Integration Server. Working on Kafka Adapter for the first time to consume AVRO messages. Need help.

Steps I followed;

  1. Created Consumer Adapter connection and listener. Enabled both successfully.

  2. Placing AVRO File on IS -

For Example : if there is a AVRO schema with name abc.avsc

	type : "record",
	name : "abc",
	namespace : "",
	fields : [
		name : "xyz",
		type : [

As we are connecting to schema registry, while creating the Consumer Kafka Adapter connection, we have given schema registry and schema Package name(Ex : kafkaPackage) and inside KafkaPackage created one folder called schemas and copied both abc.avsc and xyz.avsc

  1. Created notification and selected the AVRO ABC.avsc from Value schema drop-down.

Observations - on selecting abc.avsc fields are not loaded and I see the error "Undefined name " in server error logs

Question : 1. Do we need to copy both abc.avsc and xyz.avsc(referencing AVRO) files inside the schema folder?

Currently on doing so we are getting the error "Undefined name " even if AVRO file is present.

Hi @Gayatri_Shet

I believe we have answered your queries through Support. Do you have any further queries?