Pipeline values and errors

If I am using a standard try / catch setup in flow, I have noticed that pipeline values sometimes disappear when an error has occurred.

I have not been able to find any logic to determine exactly what kind of values (string fields, documents, objects etc.) or in what situation.

I know I can get the old pipeline values by using the service getLastError. But since that can be a bit of work if the pipeline is big (and thus error prone), I would like to know exactly when I need to do that.

I have been looking throught the documentation as well as the treads on vmUsers but found no useful information.

Does anyone have some information on this subject. Or can point me to the appropriate document.


Hi Roland,

As you would be aware, the standard try catch set up will be as below:

MAIN Sequence
TRY Sequence
– Your base logic
CATCH Sequence
– Error handling

As the sequence is considered as a unit of work, on run-time exception within TRY sequence, the variables initialized in that sequence will be lost. And the values in pipeline in the CATCH sequence (without invoking getLastError) will be the ones that are defined/initialized above the TRY sequence.

Hence, for you to retrieve the values of the TRY sequence, you need to invoke getLastError.

@All: I’ve not read this in any document, but personal experience. So, please correct me if I’m wrong. It would be great if you could suggest the document reference. And as I’m new to this forum, I might have used generic terms. So, please bear with me. :wink:


Thank you Pramod :slight_smile:

What you say makes sence. But still it would be nice to have a document reference. So if anyone knows of any: please post in on the thread.