PIP without modeler

Is it possible to process/implement a basic 3A4 in 6.5 without the modeler



Yemi Bedu

I think it should be possible - try this -

Receive the 3A4 in TN, set up a processing rule to invoke a service on IS. In the flow service on IS, use the BizDocEnvelope to get the payload.

Using a Process Model provides you monitoring and resubmission ability (at any step of the process model).

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In webemthods 4.6, we use to create conversation scripts for each PIP.
Then in webMethods 6.5, where will we store conversation script?


Starting from IS6.x onwards TN conversation Mananger component no more exists,so modeler is the only choice for doing RNet based integrations…ofcourse there might be custom stuff which you can handle PIP’s without modeler…but i dont think this will be the right approach.


reason, why is we do not have licence to modeler. Now we are migrating from 4.6 to 6.5.
so any help here

This Question goes to your company…weird if they do RNet integrations i believe modeler license would have bought…

Any reason?


company is planning to move to different gateway, in the mean time migrating to WM65. hence did not buy the license
can you help me out