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we are using webmethods7.1,two IS Instances are in clustermode.Is there any service in webmethods to check the servers are running or not?


You can use the service wm.server:ping to see if the server is running or not but again this is a WmRoot service and this can be used as an Administrative tasks support but not in flow service.



Thank you.Actuall I need to ping the external URL(http/https) to ensure that we can connect to the internal B2B server.Is there a way in webmethods?

you can still use the service as suggested by Akshith:

Thnk you for ur reply’s.I have used pub.http.client service to the status of a remote server.


Is there any other way we can check if the servers are running or not. ping is a good option, but cannot 100 % guarantee if server is hang. I have seen many times server giving pop up for login, but cannot login because its too busy to accept request at that time or its hang.

So whats the best way we can develop a utility to monitor the IS health. One way would be call any other alternate service like getstatics or a simple flow service. But wondering if this a best approach. What does everyone do to shoot out the automatic email in case of server is not reachable for any reason.



You can create a simple flow service which will send an email to receipents. Now define this service as a shutdown service and this will tell you when the server is not available.


  1. If you disable this package then there might be a false alarm that the server is down.
  2. If the server is in a hang state as you mentioned, where it is running but the IS Admin page is not accessible then check the CPU Usage on the box using some tool like BMC and setup this tool to send an email automatically when the CPU Usage crosses the defined threshold.


can any body explain me how to use wm.server:ping service.when i opened this service it’s having no i/p and o/p fields.when i run it …it giving Current time stamp.i need to monitor my IS server this one is correct for it…??

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