Is there a service function to "ping" defined data servers?


I have a simple question.

ACE offers a set of “service” functions which retrieve internal JDBC data.


Is there a “service” function available which checks whether defined data servers are “up and running”?
I ask for something like a “ping” with no real data access.

If you define multiple data servers für a data base (either as failover or for load balancing), it would be nice to know if these data servers are really “up and running”. I thinks about monitoring etc.

Any feedback is welcomed.
Kind regards Christian

The {serverlist} extension will show the list of active Adabas connections. Is this what you are looking for? The syntax is
select 1 {serverlist}

You can run it from InfoNaut to see what the output looks like.

Hello Bill

Thx for your reference.
As we are a Mainframe data center we do not use Infonaut at all.
I’ll try to get the info I want from placing a SELECT 1 {serverlist} using a Batch-Programm.

I’ll be back asap.