pick data by http


There are xml files in a portal. I have the URL access to this.
How to pick the files using http from a service.


Use pub.xml:loadXMLNode and give the url. set the select the req. parameters and also provide the authentication info if required.

Plz. let me know if it doesnt work.

Good Luck

Hello wm9412

I receive following output

node : com.wm.lang.xml.Node:-1:22121409

How to extract data from it.


Trying to learn how to code in Integration Server by posting basic questions to a forum isn’t the most efficient learning method. You’ll make much better progress more quickly if you read the documentation, review the samples and perhaps review the tutorial information from Advantage.

A review of How to get help at wMUsers may also be helpful for you. You’re always free to ask for help and you’ll usually get it–but if you follow these guidelines you’ll be more successful,