PGP or GnuPG used with webMethods to decrypt documents received from a partner

Anyone using PGP or GnuPG to decrypt documents during a webMethods flow?

My partner is using PGP to encrypt files on an FTP server and I need to retrieve, decrypt and push file to my backend. Perferably I would like to manage this with a webMethods flow service or java service.


To do this, you have to have Java API for PGP. As per international licensing restrictions, Java JCE ( Java Crypography ) implementation is not available. There is a Java solutions from PGP if you are interested to go through that route ( Java Service from webmethods ).

There was a discussion on the Openitx list. Someone else ended up using GPG (as opposed to PGP) using a shell script.

Please could you tell me if there is anything concrete now regarding PGP or GnuPG encryption of files, preferably with an available Java API to automate the process.


There are two options. The ActiveTransfer product supports PGP out of the box. Second is to use the OpenPGP sample package, link below.

– Tim

If you have WmEDIforTN package, there is a PGP folder,
you can try to use the services under it.
It’s internally using the Cryptix lib.