PGP encryption


One of our partner ask us to encrypt the XML data with PGP. I find a java service VAN.VANConnectivity:PGPEncoding to do it (WM version 6.1) but I really don’t know what to put into the input fields

  • content (I think it is the XML content in bytes but I’m not sure)
  • PGPpublicKeyfile
  • PGPprivateKeyfile
  • passphrase

Also, can I just use this java service or I will need to use something else with it?

Thank you.

I would assume that a user’s guide PDF was included with the package providing the VANConnectivity services. What does it say?

I search “VANConnectivity:PGPEncoding” in all the PDF files and I didn’t have any match. No result.

Searching the EDI Module 6.1 Built-In Services Reference PDF for “PGP encryption” turned up this comment:


content - Data that you need to encrypt
PGPpublicKeyfile, PGPprivateKeyfile, passphrase - This would be available once you setup the PGP Server, I believe there are some commercial & open source PGP available.

You might want to visit here.