PGP encryption invalid key size error


I have to encrypt File with using PGP,But they have provided a public key which size has 2048 bit.
Please let me know webmethods supports how much bit key size,because while i am running code in WM,it is giving invalid key size.

and how to increase size of the key in webmethods.

Hi Vishwadeep,

what is your wM Version?

Are there Built-In Servics or are you using the OpenPGP package from the TechCommunity Downloads section?

Without these informations this will be difficult to assist.


Hi Holger,

Actually I have used JAVA Service to do PGP encryption.It is running fine for 128 bit pgp key and generating encrpted file finally,
and using 9.12 version of WM where JAVA version is 1.8.0.
i have downloaded also JCE JArs and installing at directory told by java references.
but after doing all this key supported size at WM is still 128 bit.

i have also done through with Open PGP.

it is all giving errors for 2048 bit key as “invalid key size or default parameters”

I have fed up finding this on google.
i know that it can be done by WM active transfer,i think in WM seperatly required license for MFT right?Please confirm.
Currently our company is not using MFT.

Hello Guys,

Good news,I have done this by changing policy file,downloaded from java source and put inside the IS level here

IS Directory/jvm/lib/Security level and restarted IS.

Previously i was putting at local WM software location/JVM/lib/Security level,it was not working that’s why.

Now PGP is finished for me.