PDF Processing in FlowService

Hi All,

I’m wondering how to process pdf content in IS flow services. My scenario is that SAP is sending the pdf content as part of a string via a RFC call. So, I need to save them to a local shared drive as .pdf. Can someone pls help me what steps do I need to exactly follow. I did some research but nothing is working for me.

THank you.

You need some 3rd party libs like Apache pdfbox to handle pdf creation, then place the java code in a java service.

Hi Kiran,

Wang has given you information how we can create PDF files in webMethods and really good information for standard processing

But i have some bad idea in my mind, since you are geting content as PDF format already, you write to drive directly and open it using PDF editor.

See if it works or not

Hi there
I totally agree with you.A third party PDF processing library will help a lot.But is there a free PDF program suppots to do that?Thanks a lot

Apache PDFBox is a good option.