PDF froms as web forms

We have a company that is looking at installing a workflow package into our organisation.

The issue is that they are saying that we can use PDF forms as our web forms instead of stylesheets or Xforms. Is this correct?

I think that it is confusing issues, does anyone out there have any knowledge in this area? I am doubtful because no one else does this. But perhaps I am wrong.

We were looking at using XForms, or stylesheets can someone please give me some pointers as to the pros and cons.

Yes you can use PDF for web forms.

Adobe has suite of eForms and Server products that allow for this.


Forms Designer
Where you can create interactive PDF forms using Acrobat, then enable additional usage rights using Adobe’s Document Server for Reader Extensions.

Form Server
Is the product the enables posting forms on the Web. It creates and publishes Adobe PDF or Web-based forms for delivery to any browser running on any device.

I would be happy to talk to you directly if you want to go into more specific details.