Pb with processDocument service on webMethods 7.1.3


I’m working on the creation on a Process Model receiving PIP3A4 on an IS version 7.1.3 and when I try to activate the process model and sent the document type using the “processDocument” service i’ve got an error message.
“pub.estd.rosettaNet:processDocument java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: nsDecls
wm.estd.rosettaNet.transportHandlers:processDocument java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: nsDecls”

My process model is not activated, I generate the PIP3A4 par archive from the RosettaNet specification on their website.

I’ve installed the following packages:

  • WmPIPTools which helps me to generate my PIP3A4 doc types
  • WmRNPIPs which contains only my PIP3A4 doc types, maybe I need some extra doc Types ?
  • WmRosettaNet
  • WmTN
  • WmTnExtDC

Could you help me ?
Best Regards