RNIF Error - wm.ip.cm.handlers:processUnhandledDocument


We are using Rosettanet PIP3C6 (outbound) message in our project. For internal testing, we have setup a test server (to act as partner) which receives the 3C6 message and should trigger a processmodel which will create the ReceiptAcknowledgement.

The receiving model is enabled and it subscribes to the proper document type -the document type corresponding to the PIP. The document is getting recognized and is present in the TN of the receiving server.
But the model is not getting triggered and we are facing several errors as below:

If any of you have faced similar issues , please let me know the reason for these errros.

In service wm.ip.cm.handlers:processUnhandledDocument: Received document that does not match with any conversation or conversation scripts. ConversationID 006981815-a951a4daf70d4585000ef571-Payee [ESIPRT.000070.000020]

In service wm.ip.cm.handlers:processUnhandledDocument

Doc kl393q0034q5n6mj000000n3 has unknown or deleted attribute transportName; ignored [TRNSERV.000016.000106]

[8960]2008-04-09 13:03:48 CDT [ISU.0000.9999D] Doc kl393q0034q5n6mj000000n3 has unknown or deleted attribute responseCode; ignored [TRNSERV.000016.000106]

To add, we are using :

Wm Rosettanet - 6.0.1