PayloadContent error

Hi All,

The following error we are getting in PROD.

we moved this 2A1 Model to PROD from QA enviornment. After that we are getting this error.

: com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException:ip.util:inboundValidation(): Error trapped in service: wm.ip.util:validatePayload Error: [ISS.0062.9022] “wm.b2b.rn.rec.PIPs.PIP2A1vV02_00:PayloadContent” - object does not exist Occured at: 2007/12/05 07:36:33.939 Service Call Stack: wm.ip.util:validatePayload wm.ip.rnif20.trp:inboundValidation

Please advise what went wrong?


–>In your 2A1 model migration did you have this record also moved to Prod?? Start checking from here…I know this record comes part in the standard RN packages,just cross checking.


Thanks rmg.

we got this error when we received large RN document(more than MB) from customer and now increased the size of TN threshold.

yes you are right earlier i use to get the same error. by changing the TN heap size helped out