Paste Disabled in Designer - Copy Folders/Services To New Packages Not Working

Hi Everyone. I am trying to copy and paste a folder of services from one of my packages to another. I see the the copy menu option is enabled when right clicking on my folder in Package Navigator.

I’ve doubled checked the properties panes for each of the packages and they both have the same ACL setting. They are set to the Developer ACL.

I was under the impression folders/services/any-other-artifacts could be copied and pasted between packges as needed in Designer? Is there a different Eclipse view I should be using, instead of Package Navigator, to perform this operation?

Being able to prototype services in one package, then copying and pasting the roughed out service to it’s actual final home package is a big part of my personal workflow. I typically work this way when developing in Non Wm development environments (i.e. roughing out in a sandbox folder structure, then porting.

Searching the forum has only surfaced posts relating more to moving packages from one IS to another IS. I am concerned with copying folders/services on the same IS, but into another package using Designer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


Hi Dan,

can you try to answer the following questions:

Is the folder structure the same in the source package and the target package?
Is the service being copied and pasted already present in the target package?
What type of nodes to you have in the folder being copied?
In which perspective are you working? (Service Development?)

For more detailed information we might need the Designer and IS Version (incl. applied Fixes if any) you are running on.


Hi Holger. Thank you very much for the quick reply and help. I sincerely appreciate it. :slight_smile:

To answer your questions:

They are different package names. I was trying to copy a folder of roughed out services from one package to the another.

No they’re not already present.

I’m not sure what you mean by nodes. I’ve tried copying services individually, as well as groups of services at the folder level by trying to copy the subfolder under the main folder of the package. For example, MyPackage/MyPackage/subfolder_with_services_to_copy/

I’m working from the Service Development Perspective.

We are currently working on the 9.6 Web Methods Environment and we’re updated to Fix 2 on the IS. If I’m not mistaken, we have updated to a newer Fix on Designer also. Unfortunately our Designer is exported from our server via exporting the X display. We are a Mac shop and they don’t have a Mac version of the developer tools yet.

I have quite a bit of experience developing with Eclipse, and have noticed a lot of odd behaviors while using it with the display exported from the server. My gut feeling is this is what’s causing the issue, but then again, I could be missing something else too.

The PackageName is not really part of the service name, only the folder structure below it.

In this case you should try “Cut” instead of “Copy”, otherwise you will get duplicates with an additional “_1” in the name.

With node types I meant flow services, java services, triggers, document types, adapter services and so on.

I am currently not yet working with 9.6, we are still trying to get our 9.5 finalized.

We have W7 developer pcs and the server is running on Solaris Sparc, therefor I am not used to MAC specifica.

It might be worth a try to open a support incident in Empower to see what the Support Team thinks about this.


Ok cool. Thank you for the information and help Holger. I think I will open a support incident and try a cut instead of copy to see how much mileage I can get.

It seemed awfully strange that I couldn’t copy a folder or a set of nodes from one package to the other.


I am concerned with copying folders/services on the same IS, but into another package using Designer →
I believe this should still work the way Developer UI even with the designer.

You mean you are unable to copy Folder/Service from package to another package same (IS or different IS having with same version)? strange to me.


Hi Rmg.

Yes that is correct. I’ve been unable to copy Folder/Service from one package to the next on the same IS. I thought it was odd too. I am using an exported display from the server into an XServer on my Mac. It hasn’t been very pleasant and I suspect that to be the culprit.

To attempt to suss it out, before opening a ticket and going down that path, I’m trying to setup a CentOS VM running on my Mac from Virtual Box and install Designer that way. Hopefully to eliminate some of the strangeness that I’ve been seeing recently. Copy is enabled, however after clicking copy, paste is greyed out.

Hey everyone. I figured I’d drop a quick note that this issue is resolved for me now. Apparently it was something to do with the exported display using an XServer on my Mac.

I receive a fresh RHEL VM from our admin loaded with Designer, cranked it up on my Mac, and it appears to be running fine connecting to our IS. I am now able to move folder/services around plus use all of my favorite Eclipse shortcuts/tricks without weird things happening to my code.

Thanks again for your help. I appreciate it very much.