Passing valuespipeline to services in Remote BC

Using SAP BC 4.7.Trying to invoke a remote BC from a different BC by passing few values/pipeline as the input values to the services in the remote BC.
Using the services in Guaranteed delivery (, )
Whatever record i pass as input it is not received in the remote BC,causing a “record null Exception”…

Any help is greatly appreciated.Thanks,

Hi all,

Could any one look in this problem ,Please…
All i’m trying to do is to invoke a remote BC service from another BC by passing a string value to it.(using &

The values is not passing over to /pipeline of remote BC,but the service is invoked(without the passed value )

Thanks in advance.


The preferred method for doing these type of coupled-process (pretty much a remote function call) is to use Web Services (SOAP). It’s a bit more complicated to set up, but in return you get a cleaner interface to the remote service (service input/output will be visible in Developer). Also it’s a standard, so not restricted to wM-to-wM communications, allowing you more flexibility in swapping out either, or to add partners in the process. Unless you have specific requirement really requiring Guaranteed Delivery, try WS…