Passing null dates

Greeting all and happy new year!!!

I need to pass a null date via the Java Wrapper to a natural subprogram but the date is being defaulted to todays date. Is there a way to pass a null date as an input parm?

One way to do it I guess would be to pass an additional field that indicates if the date should be null but that seems sloppy to me.


Hi Earnie,

yes, this possible. Check the documentation chapter EntireX IDL to Java Mapping: there is a Java property you have to set to change the default behaviour:


Thanks!! This solved our problem. I could not find this documented however :frowning:


It’s in the 7.2.1 documentation. Goto …/devkit/rpc_java/mapping.htm#Mapping_Data_Types, look at the table which describes the Idl data types and read Note 5 :smiley: