Partner ID mismatch Error

We are getting a Partner ID mismatch error in the Activity Log (Security class) when we submit a EDI document after the document got persisted in TN of the UAT environment. The logged in user is X but the EDI doc sender is Y. Document Type, Sender and Receiver were identified correctly but the Processing Status is shown as “Aborted”. Is this related to security issue as the UAT has Security certificate settings?. The issue is not showing up in DEV as we dont have any certificates installed in DEV.

The full error message is " Partner X (null) sent this document posing as Y (null).".

Any inputs would be highly appreciated.


I think TN security checks verify whether the document sender and the IS user submitting the document are the same entity.

You could also take a look at Improving Upon article in EZine section…


If you are doing EDIINT docs you may need to use wm.EDIINT:receive. Also isn’t the match in dependent upon the type of the trading partner being a webMethods for Partners partner type? I’m a newbie and I thought I read that in the user’s guide so forgive me if I’m wrong.