Parsing Flat File

We are doing a project where we receive a PO in flat file format from a buyer. It is not an EDI format, but a custom one. What would be the best way to map this flat file to the xml format that exist in our system? We have the details of the flat file and it is a fixed length format document.
We are running IS 4.6 under Windows 2000.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Mark
You can use the EDI Adapter to convert your flatfile data into a record structure and then map this to yours xml record structure.
Just ctrate a template for the flatfile and then use EDI Adapter service. For help in template creation just look at the EDI UserGuide.
Hope this will help.

Normally we have to download the schema for EDI files. But the file that we will be receiving is not in EDI format. It is an independent format. Is it possible to do this using IS 4.6 or do I need to use version 6.0?

You would download schema for EDI Standard files (X12, EDIFACT, etc…) but for your own custom file structures you need to create a Flat File Template as documented in the wm EDI Users Guide.
Follow these 2 links for more info.

Good Luck!

You can indeed use 4.6 for this.

Actually, its alot easier then that…
do the following.

getFile…gets flatfile from operating system
bytesToString… will take the body record and convert to string
tokenize… will provide a delimiter separated file to loop over a space
LOOP over /valueList…will loop over the string,insert the delimiter
tokenize…this will add a comma between fields
recordToDocument …this will build a record structure…set encode to true and generateRequiredTags to true…

Thats it…