Package version


Can anyone help me to find out where we store the package version?

I can see the package version from the designer & integration server. Does IS stores this information in any table or stores in manifest file.

My requirement is to provide the version for each release from lower env. I have one solution, create a package add a new service where we insert the custom build name with date into table and add this service as a start service to the package. When ever we provide the build, we will add this package also in the selected components so that after deployment, this service will store the application version with date in the table. We have one problem with this solution, if server restarts, then this package will be reloaded and stores the new row into table. To avoid this issue, i can see one more option by creating other package and if server restarts, this second package will also be reloaded. When this happens, will not invoke the service in first package.

Please advise me if you have any other solution for this.


under the package folder, file: manifest.v3 contains such info.