Package name in Database


I would like to know how we can make a connection between webMethods and the database in order to automatically collect the package name and other information related to flows.

packages and flows are not stored in the DB,
they exist as nested folders and files under the packages directory in your Integration Server


or if you have installed the Microservice MSR version



What’s your use-case? What “other information” do you need about flows?
There are internal services that can be used to get the package names.


Hello @Venkata_Kasi_Viswanath_Mugada1

The use-case is to automate our flow inventory, to have package name, flow name and some functional values (like processed filename) stored in the database for every flow.


can you explain what you need this inventory for?
Especially when it comes to Java services or Adapter services, this will get very complex and tedious to maintain this.
Getting the functional values (i.e. the filenames) is also hard to achieve, esp. when they are varying during runtime.


There have been at least 3 different DSP-based packages (all samples, not officially supported by SAG) that dynamically display details about packages and the components within. WmDoc, PackageDoc and WxDoc.

None are readily available online that I’ve found. Last post for WmDoc indicated it was broken at some point by newer wM IS versions. WxDoc may be a “for-fee” item from consulting services. PackageDoc is something I wrote many moons ago – I don’t know if it still works with 9.x and 10.x. I need to check that out.

In any case, these may provide ideas for how you might be able to extract info from live IS instances to put to a DB. Be advised, however, that obtaining some details (like processed filename) will be virtually impossible to obtain in a generic/maintainable fashion. Only if every service you create uses the same variable name to identify the filename might you have a fighting chance. :slight_smile:

I can share PackageDoc if you think it may be helpful for you and you are unable to locate it in Empower forums or elsewhere.

Edit: PackageDoc works on 10.5 but has significant display issues due to HTML/style changes made in IS Administrator over the years. I may fix it up, but likely will wait until we have 10.7 and the updated IS Administrator UI.


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