Package Reloading

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Is there any process to reload the multiple packages at a time (not one by one) without restarting?


You can check with pub.packages:reloadPackage or WmRoot services. If you want to reload all the packages simultaneously (not by sequence) I think it’s not supported.

Any reasons for not re-loading the package sequentially?

Thanks Mahesh. There is no specific reason.

My requirement is need to reload all packages (Custom) automatically without restart.

“pub.packages:reloadPackage” - this will helps us to reload only one package.

Do we have any built-in services to reload all custom packages once.


You have to write a custom logic around this service to exclude Wm* packages and include only your custom packages based on the some regex (as your project will some naming standards eg. JnJUtils)


A simple hack is to have those packages depend on a single package which, if reloaded, will force a reload on all its dependents.

If you want something more dynamic you will have to go with Mahesh 's solution.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for your inputs.

Even I thought the same, but thought to double check with you guys incase if there are any built-in services available to achieve this.