Package install problem (Urgent)

Hi guys,

I think i’m in trouble because during uninstalling and reinstalling webmethods I forgot to take backup of all the packages. I however have the packages folder intact (old IS/packages folder) .
I don’t have them in zip form (Didn’t archive them using IS administrator).

If I zip them manually using zip command and install them, they end up as empty packages.
Seems like Archive of IS admin page isn’t similar to zip utility of unix or even zip utility of windows (WinZip)

Please suggest if anything can be done in this case.

Problem seems to have been solved … i just copied the individual package dirs to the IS/Packages folder and restarted the server.
Have a couple of docs to sync and some dependencies to resolve … otherwise … this seems to have worked.

OK as long it works for you…

But always take a backup individual assets or server level:

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