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Hello All,

I am new user to webMethods Tool. so can any one of you please help me how to get backup my packages .
Recently i have kept my packages(zip files) by placing those into inbound folder and i have not get those packages in my Developer .So let me konw What is the cause for it?

Thank you…


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Hi Laxmana,

If you have a package kept under replicate/inbound folder, goto the IS Admin screen >> Management >> Install Inbound Releases >> select the package and click Install package…

You can maintain backup of your package in several ways…

  1. Export the package from Developer and save it in your local system… It is like a backup at a particular time…

  2. In the Admin page of IS, click on Publishing in the left pane where you can create release for the package…

  3. Under Management view in Admin page, besides the Package list, click on Archive which will archive your package…

Read developer users guide for more to understand better…


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If the question is for “Backing-up” your packages, you can do this from the Package management screen by clicking the “Archive” icon and if needed supply a date identifier in the archive name. This archive will be kept in you IS>replicate>outbound directory. Deployer on the other hand does not require there to be a backup or archive. It will grab the deployment candidate package, make it a zip from the IS>Packages area. You can also save any information, packages, property files, etc, etc of to a Change management system or archiving application.

Hello Senthil,
Before i sent Thread ,i have done upto Install Bound release through IS admin.And also I have done all the steps what you have said to me and the problem is After restart my server i dont get Packages(DATABASE n TEST are the Package names) in myDevelioper means some Folders which are under DATABASE and TEST are invisble does not expand the DATABASE and TEST Packages.
Thanks alot to share your knowledge to me.
Click the below link for image…eat=directlink


Hello Stobias,
I have kept all the packages and install DATABASE and TEST zip files from the install inbound releases from the IS Admin page and also i have done Archieve from package managment also… After restart IS Server both DATABASE AND TEST packages are not expand or not visible its subfolders which are init in my developer.Here i wan to work with those packages from my developer .SO in developer Sub folders which are under DATABASE and TEST packages are does not expand and invisible also.
Note:-All those files are placed in replicate/outbound folder.
Thanks alot to give such a usefull information to me.
See the click the below link for image…eat=directlink


This is straight forward… Goto Developer, click on the package and select File >> Export… You can save the zip file… Put this inside replicate/inbound and choose Install inbound release as mentioned earlier… If it did not come with your zip file which you have now, then there might be some problem with the zip file which you have…