Pack Server Extension function in X-Tension Builder version

Hi all,

I am getting the following error message, while trying to pack a new Java Server Extension.

INOSXE7105 ? Project must be rebuilt before packaging: is newer.

I create a Java server extension from scratch using the ?new? menu option and set the Execution Type to Java. I can add function to template, compile and generate javadoc successfully - but when trying pack the server extension I got the error.

The online help suggest the following: Call Build / Build in the Developer Studio before packing.

The point is: I?m not using Developer Studio ? only the Tamino X-Tension Builder tool. I don?t have the ?Build/Build ? menu option - only ?Project/Compile ? F7?

I ?m using the Tamino Server plus the Hotfix 208 and the java runtime version 1.4.1_01 that come with Tamino in a WINDOWS 2000 PROF machine .

Thanks in advance.


Hi Edilmar,

Which package name do you use for your Server Extension? If it is ‘file-name’ (or starts with ‘file-name’) and the used class name is also ‘file-name’ it is a known bug and you should try a different package name like ‘my-company.xtension.file-name’.

If this does not help, please give more details.

Best regards,

Julius Geppert

Hi Julius,

Thanks a lot for you advice.
The pack function works well when I give different name to package and server extension class.