Output field is not being logged in service monitor in MyWebmethods when Catch section is activated


I would like to log an output field in my flow service when a table lookup fails and hence the Catch section is activated, but the output field (file name) is only logged when the service completes (without activating the Catch section) with status = Completed. When the Catch section is involved the service gets status = Activity and the output field is not logged.

I have tried populating the output field in the Catch section like this %lastError/pipeline/filenameLog% but that did not help.

Any suggestions?

Kind regards Mikael

Have you called getLastError as the first call in the catch block? Also, the field you use for the mapping (lastError/pipeline/filenameLog) might have no value. Are you sure there is a value there? I’ve never used this field.


Yes, I call getLastError as the first thing in the Catch block. When debugging I can see that the field has a value. I think that the logging “is not triggered” and thus no logged field is present in the monitor.

Br Mikael

The reason was, that the field is not logged when debugging… If I ran the flow service the field got logged.