OutboundProcess - "CM_NO_DATA_RECEIVED" message

A flow service sends orders idocs to SAP using OutboundProcess. Sometimes it fails with the message "com.sap.mw.jco.JCO$Exception:connection closed without message (CM_NO_DATA_RECEIVED). The *idoclist contains several idocs and it is falling over when it encounters one with an error e.g. “Invalid material”. We are using BC 4.7. In 4.6 we used to use invokeTransaction and never had this problem. Your help would be much appreciated. :confused:

Tom Walters

Hello Tom,
this is not an error on Business Connector side, it’s an error on R/3 side. For some reason the CPIC communication layer in the R/3 gateway is closing the connection “the hard way”. Normally CPIC at least sends back an error message to the client (the SAP BC in this case), when it closes a connection. But here it doesn’t even get the time for this, so we see the error “Connection closed without message” on BC side.

Looks like the R/3 workprocess dumped or aborted?! Check the Syslog SM21 and the dump history ST22 to find out what’s wrong.

Happy new year,