out of sync

I am using webMethods 712 and I found the server always alert the kind of error “out of sync with server” when user operate tasks. and this affects the completion of tasks.

does anyone know how to solve this?

Maybe increasing cache timeout would help.
Also review browser is upgraded to latest fixes.

Hi devnull43:

could you tell me how to change the cache timeout in MWS. I found this kind of setting in IS but not in MWS, thank you very much

Well you need to check if this is failing on a particular porlet first.

The error you get is generic, indicating client can’t find the
html (for the control which it asked in a async response from server). That been the case you need to check this particular porlet.

If error is generic with different ones, simply clear browser cache or check from a different browser.

To change MWS cache you have 2 files:

1- MWS/server/default/deploy/portal.war/WEB-INF/web.xml
2- MWS/server/default/deploy/defaultPortletAppWeb.xml (mws.bat/sh -s default getconfig defaultPortletAppWeb.xml)

If you edit this file, you will find the cache tag.

Default cache should be fine for most of the cases.

If you do not manage to solve this with this hints, I would suggest raising a support request (If you have maintenance).