out of sync with the server ERROR

Error with a timeout of 60 segs.

When I configured the socket time out of my app in the “binding” seccion, I start my app and request of data. Then the explorer shows two message:

  1. [POP.012.0001.wm_cafshared/hidden] A server error occured. The state of this page may be out of sync with the server.
  2. [POP.012.0002.wm_cafshared/hidden] A client error occured processing the response from the server.

can some one tellme why and how can i resolvet, I need the time out long 'cause the services take a long time for response (1 min max)

thx 4 u help
problema con time out.doc (87 KB)

My guess is that the browser’s request is timing out. Is it possible to implement your business logic so that it returns quickly and does its fetching asynchronously in the background? Then the browser could keep checking (maybe every 5 seconds or so) to see if any results have been returned.

That might also make for a better user experience.