Out of Memory when trying to save changes to Flow Service

Hello Forum - I browsed through the out of memory threads about a year ago when we first started getting out of memory messages on our two IS Servers and made some changes accordingly but I guess it is not good enough.

We have two Windows 2003 Server SP2 Servers running wm IS 6.5 SP2 given to us by Oracle as part of our JDE EnterpriseONE 8.12 Upgrade a few years ago. Both servers have 2 GB of physical RAM and I have the JAVA_MIN_MEM=512M and JAVA_MAX_MEM=1536M set right now.

After I restart the integration server and I log on I see that about 50-60% of memory is used but when I then start Developer and make a few changes to a flow service that is say a 65MB XML file (if I look up the size in the packages/project/ns/flowservices folder), then the memory usage jumps up sometimes to 90% and higher until I sometimes get the out of memory error. Does this point to bad programming? I’m already trying to drop adapter services as quickly as I do not need them within the flow. I guess I need to do the same with the variables that I use?

If you can give me a recommendation on possibly tweaking the JAVA_MIN_MEM/MAX_MEM I’d appreciate it or any other ideas.


Well, I may have found an answer to my question in the webMethods manual. It talks about the possibility of getting Out Of Memory errors when saving a flow service in Developer and recommends setting the following parameter in the Extended Section of the Configuration option in the Integration Server webaccess. Unfortunately the manual does not specify what value to use. I tried it with 20 and it seems to solve my current problem. I did a search in the forum here and at webmethods forum but infortunately I could not find any references. If anyone else has any experience with specifying this parameter I might be curious to find out what they set it to.



Hi Mike,

where did you find the parameter in the extended settings . I did not find that in version 7.1 Integration Server.


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