OSGi service for SAML authentication not initialized - WM 10.11

Hi Team,

Found the below given error message keep showing in WM 10.11 Server log.

We have only Integration Server installed. There is no MWS in our environment.

IS Admin Page - Settings - Resource - MWS SAML Resolver URL → we have kept this section is empty as there is no MWS.

How to stop this SAML Authentication service? Please help.

Error Message:

939]2022-11-17 02:17:26 PST [ISS.0012.0012E] (tid=77) Authentication of user “null” failed with exception: com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException:
OSGi service for SAML authentication not initialized…

[938]2022-11-17 02:17:26 PST [ISS.0012.0041E] (tid=77)
Unable to initialize SAML authentication module.
Cannot get reference of the OSGi service (&(objectClass=com.softwareag.security.identity.InternalSecurityTokenService)(samlVersion=2.0)).

Hi Chandra,

easiest would be to provide a small MWS just for monitoring purposes.


Hi @shekhar12 ,
This exception is nothing related to MWS, because the OSGi service is not available, SAML authentication is failing.

Can you please stop IS and delete this folder (<install_dir>profiles<IS_profilename>\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi) and then start IS again and check if the issue is resolved.


@Jaideep , thanks for your suggestion. We need some time for analysis on deleting the said folder. Meanwhile please let me know any alternative workaround.


We thought of modify the OSGI Profile but eventually it got resolved by itself after IS restart.