Orcale DB and Oracle Applications Upgrade is in progress, and webmethods is 9.12 vesrion, and JDBC Adapter version is 9.10, will it have any impact..?

Hi ,

Currently Oracle upgrade is happening for the below version.

•Upgrade Oracle database from 12c to 19c.

•Upgrade Oracle applications EBS R12.1.3 to R12.2.10 on OCI Platform

Web methods interfaces are in 9.12 version and JDBC adapter is 9.10 version.
Does this oracle upgrade has any impact on web methods…? and If so what is the solution.? and if we have any documents to refer, please provide me the link .


The question is a bit vague for me, so I’ll answer the database question as 2 interpretations -

Compatibility - 9.12 IS, MWS, Monitor, Process Engine and Trading Networks are compatible with 19c and JDBC Adapter 9.10 is compatible with 19c. However, other products such as Business Console are incompatible, so give the documentation a check against what you have in your environment. Ensure that you have the right drivers in place.

wM product system requirements are here on page 5, while JDBC Adapter is here on page 28.

Impact - Naturally, I assume that your DBAs are upgrading the database on a side-by-side or cross-host approach. Since IS is compatible with both 12c and 19c, I may reasonably assume that there won’t be major issues. However, I suggest that you understand what is changing from 12c to 19c, from an Oracle perspective, so you know are not flying blind.

I recommend that you exercise usual caution - upgrade your lower environments first and go through a strong test cycle, since you are swapping DBs and data (i.e., essentially a transplant along with blood transfusion). Perform a full mock cutover on a functional environment that’s closest to PRD (such as PREPRD/QA). Ensure that you have reliable backups and a rollback plan.

Oracle EBS - I’m unfamiliar with Oracle Apps Adapter, but the compatibility matrix doesn’t include 12.2.10 (page 41) here.

Note - Pose a formal question to Software AG product support, so you can get an official confirmation and/or better recommendations.

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additional information:
make sure you have the latest available Fixes for DataDirect-Driver (TPP/TPS fix section) as well as JDBC Adapter 9.10 and IS (mainly IS Core and ART here) applied.

Minimum recommended driver version is ojdbc8.jar from Oracle JDBC Driver
Make sure to stick with ojdbc8.jar as ojdbc10.jar (or ojdbc11.jar) will not work with Java 8 used by wM 9.12.
Avoid using any other ojdbc.jar files here (ojdbc14.jar thru ojdbc7.jar) as they might lack functionality when connecting to the database.


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Thank you for the quick response.

Could you please help me where I can check the .jar files.?
(in which location)

Hi Sanjeevini,

usually it is sufficient to place the jar file under IntegrationServer/instances//packages/WmJDBCAdapter/code/jars (valid from wM 9.6 onwards).

All other occurences of these jar files should be checked if they are really required there.

Placing the jar under IntegrationServer/packages/WmJDBCAdapter/code/jars in wM 9.6 onwards is only needed when the jar should be copied to newly created IS instances.
This path also applies for effective jar during runtime on older IS versions prior to wM 9.6.


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