Oracle Payables to EDI transaction PAYMUL


I am new to webMethods and need info on mapping EFT payments from Oracle Payables (AP module) to generate EDI transaction PAYMUL. I understand that webMethods has templates which support EDI standards. Is there a separate template for each EDI transaction? Or do developers need to create their own templates based on a generic template? I suppose one can create a flow service which queries data directly from Oracle Payables tables and then transforms the data to meet PAYMUL specifications using either an available webMethods template or a custom-built template. Please let me know if my suppositions are correct and how best I can implement such a solution. This is really urgent. Anxiously awaiting a reply…



If you refer to the b2bediusersguide, it will walk you through the process. It starts on Chapter 3 and it should be fairly straight forward.

To answer your question regarding individual templates, you must download the .template and .schema files of the version you’re working with. Inside those files are the individual transaction sets, which you much create individually. That really makes sense though, as you mighty only be using a handful of transactions within a particular and installing the entire version would be costly on performance and space.

I would strongly encourage the use of Trading Networks as well. It provides key facilities. In your case, logging and tracking of each outbound doc is probably a hard requirement.

If you go this route, you’ll the EDI Adapter for TN. It is a go-between of sorts between TN and the base EDI adapter.