Oracle 9i JDBC Driver

I am running IS 4.6 and trying to call a webMethods service from inside an Oracle stored procedure (PL/SQL). PL/SQL uses the UTL_HTTP package which provides for things like user authentication. The problem I am having is that my HP-UX box is running Oracle 8i and the UTL_HTTP package is contained in Oracle 9i. So I need to get the 9i driver for HP-UX.

I have spent hours looking for an Oracle 9i JDBC driver for HP-UX 11. Oracle’s download site has these drivers for Solaris and NT but not HP UX. Can anyone point me to where I may find this?

Any help is appreciated.


I’m pretty sure you don’t need new JDBC drivers. The UTL_HTTP package is part of Oracle itself, it isn’t contained in the JDBC driver.

But, there may be an answer. Tom Kyte of fame built a version of the utl_http package that works in 8.1. See,F4950_P8_CRITERIA:921629345219,{utl_http}%20and%20{password}