Optimizer Rule for Service Hung

Hi Team,

We are using Optimizer to monitor our WM 9.7 Infrastructure and using optimizer for 9.7.
There we have created rules to monitor WM infra, but is there any way to create rule to monitor service hung state?

From past few months in production we are facing issue where service get hung state and due to this transactions get failed so in this scenario we never get ticket bcoz server in running state


Do we have transaction monitoring that can be done through wM optimizer if the server/jvm is hung & not down.
In below case we will never get a ticket but transactions will fail till server restart.

Can some one suggested how to resolve this issue?

Hi WM Expert,

Can any one tell me when can I exactly say or by looking into which error message i can straight away say
Service are in hung state?

In Server logs I find this error message, by looking into this can i say this is due to service hung state ?
Error Message :-
Connection reset; nested exception is java.net.SocketException: Connection reset

How to create rule in optimizer for service in hung state ?

Any other suggestion/ monitoring is possible with WM product ?

Hi Forum Member,

Awaited for suggestion.

It’s hard to define service hung. How about set a timeout for service execution, if the service is not finished in a given time period, it will throw an exception, then you can find it from monitor.

Hi Wang,

As we have Optimizer for infrastructure to monitor webMethods system
Is it possible to create optimizer rule for service hung state so that we will get notification ?


How about writing unix script which will check error message
Connection reset; nested exception is java.net.SocketException: Connection reset and send alert for same.

We can’t go for timeout for service execution as we have more than 400-600 interfaces running in prod system these all source code has to be upgraded.

Any other thought, i like to understand how other Org/Cmpy/Support team handling this scenario in their ENV.

When you talk about “service hung”, do you mean server hung?

Rajiv-- Yes, you can write a script either to check for some keyword in the logs or even you can write a script to check if any service running more than specific amount of time


Hi Wang,

I am looking for service not a server hung but still when i check logs it’s doesn’t show me any pointer to justify it was bcoz of service hung till we didn’t restarted our PROD server.

That why we are looking for some monitoring to be implemented on base on service hung.

Aside MR,

I got this error message in server logs other than that nothing is suspicious that Y i planned for unix script but now challenges is what KEY WORD i will put which give pointer for service hung any idea?

Error Message :-
Connection reset; nested exception is java.net.SocketException: Connection reset

You can use the KPI - Run Time to monitor the service hung or look into wm.server.query:getServiceStats

Get in touch with me via email for more details.


Did you implement any KPI to Rule to check the flow service/s hung?

Hi Mahesh,

Sorry for delay but didn’t get opportunity to work on KPI topics but in our env we have optimizer for infrastructure to monitor WM systems so in my prod env under MWS --> can see in my MWS --> Analytics --> Rules

I can see there are several rules are configured but Is there any way/ or can you suggest this service hung scenario can be handle by creating rules in mws to get email notification?

if not possible then i need to figure out KEY WORD for service hung exception so that i can write unix script for same scenario.

Hi Mahesh,

We have optimizer for infra and in MWS console there are several rules are configured
Navigation MWS --> Analytics --> Rules

Is it possible to create same kind of rules to monitor

  1. service hung
  2. server hung

For service hung use RunTime KPI

For server hung use predefined KPI like used memory or free memory. Refer Administrating Optimize guide.

For server hung KPI has been implemented thanks but service hung i m still reading documents to implement RunTime KPI