Optimize or/and manager Console

Hello everybody!

I am quite new in this field of EAI and webMethods and I hope you would appreciate a lot some help from you…

I’m working on a EAI project and my mission is to make some BAM. I read the threads on this topic and I have some questions.

I want to use webMethods BAM in order to:

  1. determine the answer time for some synchronous and asynchronous business flows
  2. monitor the Broker’s queue.
  3. count the flows per minute and generate graphics
  4. sent some flows parameters to the BAM component
    and other similar things.

I don’t know whether I should use only Manager Console or both Manager Console and Optimize. In which case would I need a Manager Server also? I must install the Manager Server in order to use it with Manager Console and Optimize?

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Unilog Mgt

Both Optimize and Manager Console will provide visibility to the items you listed.

Neither of these require Manager Server though you’ll get much richer information if you use Manager Server. I’d recommend using Manager Server as setting up Console/Optimize without it is not explicitly covered in the docs.

Be sure to read all of the documentation for Manager Server, Manager Console and Optimize before and during installation. Installing these components is a bit involved and any little missing item or misconfiguration will result in data not showing up in Console/Optimize.

Thanks a lot for your advices, Rob!

I will in a first time use only Optimize, without Server Manager.
I read all the advantage documents on Optimize and then I’ve installed Optimize, but I have a problem: I have no data shown on my Optimize interface and I’m logged in as Administrator/manage. I don’t know what should I do in order to get to see the data. Have I done an installation error?

Thanks in advance for your help and have a nice week!

                      Unilog Mgt

As I mentioned, the installation and configuration of these components needs to be very precise. Any little thing that is wrong will cause what you’re seeing. I would strongly encourage that you use Manager Server. Setting up Manager Console/Optimize without it is not thoroughly covered in the docs. Follow the docs exactly and you should be okay.

Please tell me one more thing: after installing webMethods Optimize is there any data that are shown on the user interface, I mean in a normal case? Because I’ve installed it and I have several agents which are deployed, but no data on the interface.
I have not yet configured web services DCA, but I would like to know if, in a first time, just after installing and configuring the controller and the satellite, I should have data on the interface.

Thank you,

Which agents/satellites are deployed? Where?

After deploying an agent, you need to configure the filter to indicate interest in specific data. By default, nothing is enabled.

I have the controller, the satellite and the database on the same host, localhost.
The agents that are deployed are (the default ones, excepting the SNMP agent):

Disk Space Agent
Internal Monitor Support
Java Virtual Machine Monitor (memory)
Monitor Messenger
Process Messenger
Remote Rule Engine
webMethods Web Service DCA

I didn’t configure any filter, so… this is the problem then.

Thanks a lot for your help, Rob!

I am trying to install the process manager in a different directory and I have to set the JAVA_HOME variable now. The guide says that it should be set to the process manager’s Java directory: C:\webMethods\optimize\j2sdk1.4.2_03 (webMethods_BAM_Optimize_6.1.5_SP1_and_Manager_Console_6.1.5_GA_Install_Guide, page 52). But this directory (j2sdk1.4.2_03 ) is not located in the process manager’s directory, but in the optimize’s directory…

Should I copy it to the C:\webMethods\optimize\processmanager or should I set it to the optimize’s Java directory? Or should I set it to the jvm directory that I find in the process manager’s path?

It is my third time when doing this, because I always had the 1067 error when trying to start the process manager’s Windows service. Maybe the problem it’s here. My last time, I set the JAVA_HOME to the Java directory found in optimize’s path, not in process manager’s path… and I had this error. If I copy j2sdk1.4.2_03 in the process manager’s path, will I have some problems of java files compatibility if I keep the jvm directory also there?

I hope I’ve been clear enough…
And thanks for your attention,


Hello everybody,

Could you tell me, please, if the satellite (for the moment I have only one) and the controller should have the same http port? I’ve noticed that the controller, the satellite and the process manager have different ports, by default…

The change of the port number in the satellite configuration, will it have a bad influence on the controller? And the other way around… I’ve read on the forum a thread on this topic, but it is not very clear for me…

Thanks a lot for your help,


If the satellite and controller are on the same machine (one of your earlier posts indicated you have things set up that way) then satellite and controller should not have the same port–they will conflict with each other. The only reason to change the default ports is to avoid port collisions with other apps. For example, the Manager Console uses port 8080 by default, which is a very commonly used port and so should normally be changed.


Another basic question. :frowning:

I have a satellite created having the process manager’s http port(by default). It hasn’t the webMethods Web Service DCA deployed, altough I try to configure it. I can see this information on the Optimize console.

Why can’t I deploy Web Service DCA on it and how will it be useful? Is not me who created it…

Thanks again vor your help.


Has anyone had experience incorporating multiple satellite processes? I have an architecture that will have multiple sites. I plan to use one Console installation for my monitoring and have multiple Manager Servers and Satellite installs feeding this Console. I believe you need to have a Manager Server for each Satellite deployed.
Server1: Running Manager Server, controller, datahandler, satellite, portal.
Server2: Manager Server, satellite
Server3: Manager Server, satellite

Server1 needs to be configured to incorporate Server2 and Server3 Satellite installs.

Any ideas? Is it just adding the additional servernames:ports in the OMIExplorer.properties?


I am using WM 7.1 version here, and i am trying to configure the SNMP agents to monitor the external FTP ports using Optimize for Infrastructure.

Can somebody suggest something here?