One MWS is connected to Multiple IS


In our existing system, we ve one MWS server with multiple IS server instances.
This MWS server is common for Dev, QA and Prod environment.

Now I have developed few application on this MWS, with webservices from the Dev IS server.
Could you please suggest me how to incorporate the same MWS with the other environment.

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Are you trying to connect to all IS instances from the MWS simulataneously?


If you really want to use one MWS to access applications from various environment, you might want to make copies of code and modify WSDL (or from MWS sysadmin) on each of these code to point to different URLs. However this (having one MWS pointing to dev…Prod) is highly NOT recommended.

@gayathri: MWS is Connected to all IS already, But i just need to call the Flow services from the particular IS one at a time.
@Jay: I understand that it is not recommended, But my client is not ready afford against it…
coming to the point, we are now done with copying the code to all servers,
and modified the auth Info(username and Pwd )of the wsdl, It is invoking the service,
but how will I get the list IS service that is currently connected to the MWS. and get the server Details like username and password…

Hi Pradeep,

Could you please let me know how did you resolve this issue.