on mouse over row color of table

How do I get a table to show different color upon mouse over?

I put in a
into the “Row CSS Classes” but it doesn’t seem to take - instead it shows the rows as uneven.

Do i need to create a portlet-section-body-highlight type of content such as already exists from webmethods as the portlet-sectionbody for the row? If so where do I do that. Thanks

it goes a bit easier than that…

  • Create a CSS and include it in your view.
  • Add a style there like:
    .portlet-section-body:hover { background-color:red; }

And that’s it…

hope this helps,

p.s.: portlet-section-body and portlet-section-alternate are the default styles for rows in a table. You can find this configuration under the Display properties tab for a table.