OMI API documentation and sample programs

I am venturing into the OMI area. To be able to monitor and manage webMethods and its components, I need to get access to the OMI API docs and sample programs. I have already downloaded the OMI specification but want to get hold of the API docs and sample programs to understand the OMI implementation required for OMI clients talking to webMethods Manager.

Any help in this regard will be of great help.

Is it that people are not visiting this group/post or are they ignoring it?

Please help friends.

Hi Paul,

I am also in the same exploring the OMI API. Could you please let me know how and where you found the OMI specification?


Just recently started looking at this myself. For the benefit of anyone else interested in this:

As of today, the OMI specification can be found at:


You will need to create a login id and answer the usual barrage of marketing questions.

However, the best source of information I’ve found is the webMethods Manager Server Programmer’s Guide (I’m using 6.1.5) which can be downloaded from the Advantage site.

This is very helpful because it covers the webMethods extensions to the specification. With this documentation, I was able to create flow services that interact directly with Manager Server without any use of Manager Console at all.

This was an experiment and I do not mean to imply that I consider Manager Console optional. Manager console has a readings star-schema database underneath it, and a rules engine that can apply statistical analysis to the readings to watch for alert conditions based on trends in the data. I don’t think anyone would want to re-invent this.

My biggest complaint about Manager Console (as of 6.1.5) is it’s limited alert delivery capabilities. I’ve been forced to use an email server as a message broker! Manager Console should be capable of publishing alerts to a webMethods Broker!

I would be cautious in investing time with OMI at this point since it will eventually be replaced with WSDM in near future.
Here is a little intro to WSDM:

Has webMethods announced they are switching Manager over to this?

I dont think its official yet, wM rep mentioned this couple of weeks ago either they will completely switch over or they will continue to support OMI for a while while WSDM is phased in gradually, You can try with Andy Astor VP, Strategic Solutions or Prasad Yendluri, Director, Standards if they are still at wM.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.