Hi All
Can any body help me in getting information about ODETTE DELINS?
Is there any template, schema, format structure avialable for DELINS.


This ships with the EDI package in the ODETTE/94.sef file.

Thanks Cromary for your suggestion.
I have just one question in my mind. Is this solution also feasible in WM v4.6 platform?

ODETTE isn’t supported until the 6.x platform.

If you need support for Odette Delins (or any other file which is not part of the standard supported messages) for wM 4.6, you can always import an .sef-file for the Odette Delins version you are interested in.

This would make it possible for you to parse and map the DELINS. (The document recognition in TN however, doesn’t come out of the box).

The SEF-file can be created in a separate tool for making specifications. We’re working with (and reselling) a tool called Edifecs Specbuilder for doing this.

How do you create the SEF file if you are using business connector BC 4.6 which is basically WM 4.6 ?