Not working Active/Active clustring in UM

Hello Experts,

I am configuring two UM servers in the cluster. Suppose first UM server is went to offline then goes to the another UM server acts as a master.It shows correctly on enterprise manager but I am publishing the document by using the first UM server it shows the below error. [ISS.0134.9073] JMS connection alias “UM” is disabled [ISS.0134.9073] JMS connection alias “UM” is disabled

I refer the SoftwareAG UM documents, I can’t understand what I missing the any configuration step in webMethods.

Please suggest me.


Automatic failover in UM clusters only works for an uneven number of servers and only if the majority is still up having quorum.
For an even numbver (e.g. 2 or 4) you need to define sites and if the prime site goes down you need to manually set the prime flag on the other site.