UM Clustering

Have 2 queries reg the UM clustering.

We have 2 Unix box.
Created 4 Um instances. 2 Instances each.
In CommandCentral, created the SPM and i could see the created UM instances but it is in Unresponsive mode.

What could be the reason for Unresponsive mode? I could add the ports only its in

Also , When i cluster all the 4 UM instances all are showing as Master. Not sure what needs to be done for making them to slaves.
Created 2 sites and mapped 2 UM instances each and made one site as IsPrime.

Why all the instances are showing as MASTER ?

What is your UM version? Share the logs from UM folder.

Have you followed the steps as mentioned in the guide

Hi Shyamini
A question around “Master” issue you are facing - Are all the UMs in clean state (meaning, no Queues/Topics/JNDI configured) at the time of creating the cluster??
If not, then you can perform below steps to create a clean cluster -

  • Remove all the UM nodes from Cluster
  • Except in one node, delete all the assets in the other nodes (you can Shift -> Select All --> Delete)
  • Ensure all the assets are deleted in other nodes except in one node you ignored
  • Now add all the nodes in cluster again

You should slowly start seeing that all the assets from NODE 1 are getting sycned across other EMPTY nodes and once done one of them will be elected as MASTER (most probably NODE 1)

Hi Shyamini,
You should run the health check tool which will look at your cluster and provide information on any errors or inconsistencies in your configuration. Details on how to do this are here:

Regards, Jane.