Cluster State Offline and Disconnected

Hi All,

Kindly need your suggestion how to connect between master and slave. Any file need to configure manually? Sometimes umserver11 and umserver12 disappeared and appeared without any action.

Thank you

Setting up of A-A cluster is very easy. Make sure you have at least 3 UM nodes running on the different host machine and you can create the cluster via UM EM.

Also, make sure that your license keys supports clustering and have the latest UM Server and Client level fixes installed as you may face some issues while you are performing some load test by bringing down the master node down so that one of the other two nodes will be master and processing continues (Quorum)

Hi Margaretha,

There are couple of approaches to implement the cluster in UM. As mentioned by Mahesh, using three nodes are very easy and straight forward.

Can you please check the below points as well (help to avoid intermittent issues with UMs)?

-Check whether the other UM servers are up and running
-Check whether you have assigned the sufficient memory to sync all UM’s
-Better to increase the log level and see whether there is any sync problems.