Not able to view transactions in (under TN)MWS

Hello all,

Please help me out from one issue am facing.

As an admin user am able to view transactions under Monitoring>systemWide>Integration>B2B>Transactions, but with one user ID which we have created is not able to view the same like admin user. We have added that user under Administrator+TN-users, even the roles too. Even in IS level I have added the user under Administrator and TN administrator. For reference I have added snapshot of user and admin to differentiate. PFA.

Is there any other possibility to make the user to view the transactions. Please let me know the best solution.

Hi Ajay,

anything in IS Server-Log?

Which wM Version and Fix Level?

Eventually, you have to add the user to TN MWS User or TN Administrators.


Ajay – Might be your changes might have been refreshed, just refresh or revoke and re-grant again. Also let us know wM version



Issue is resolved by adding the user to TN Administrator in MWS. Its working fine now.
Thanks for the help.

Glad to hear :), thanks for updating the thread.