Not able to sending a large data to a service


I am currently involve in a project which sends some data to a service.

We the WSDL provided by vendor to generate Java files through WSDLTOJAVA Utility provided by Artix.

We wrote the code in java and artix construct the SOAP msg to call the service.

We were able to send the request with the large data till now.
But now large number of records got added and when we tried to send these large array in request server was getting hanged.

Can i check is there other possible way to send my very large collection of data from database (Thousands of records) to the Web service provided by a vendor?

Is there any configration file in Artix server where we can change the configration to handle such large data, or Is there any other compiler which we can use to construct SOAP msg to send such large data?

Really need help on this…

Probably you might have to try with Web Service Descriptor (MTOM/XOP Attachments/Large Doc Support) in IS 7.1.1 and above versions only.

Please check this thread for more valuable Info: