Not able to open Flow services in Developer

I am not able to open any flow services on Developer.
Integration server is up and the documents & java services are opened in develper.
Do any one have an idea on this?

What do you mean “not open”? You can’t see their contents, you can’t edit them (everything greyed out), etc? Is it just one package or all flows from all packages?

First things that come to mind are they are locked, or you don’t have List or Read ACL permissions.

I am not able to view the contents of flow services.Also properties are also not dispalyed to check for ACL.It is the same with all packages and the java services are opening in the same package where only flow service is not displayed.

can you check in ur package ns folder for ur service

Assuming you’re running Developer on a Windows machine, instead of using Developer.exe, use Developer.bat. Try opening your Flow service and then look at the DOS window to see if any exceptions are being written there.

I’ve seen cases where certain Flow services caused a StackOverflowException when you tried to open them. This could be happening here. The solution in that case would be to increase your JVM stack size in Developer.bat.

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