Not able to login to MWS console

Hello There,

I recently installed WM 10.1 free trail. My installation went through successfully. I can start Integration server and i can connect to IS Admin console, i can connect to IS even through designer. but having problem with MWS. MWS is installed with external DB connection.
Whenever i start MWS server, after few seconds server is automatically shutting down.
and even i am not able to connect to MWS Console also.
Can some one please share some troubleshooting guide to resolve this issue.


Hi Vikas,

please provide the error message from MWS/server/default/logs/full.log for further analysis.

Additionally, when using external database for MWS it is recommended to create the database schema first by using DB Configurator and then install MWS and point it to the database and schema during installation.
Can you check this?