Not able to add Handler to webservice descriptor


I am using wM9.5,i have registered a webserivce handler and trying to add it to the webservice descriptor but while doing so i am not able to find the registered handler in the list.

Any suggestions were appreciated.

Thank you,

Are you not able to look up these part of the WmPublic package in your IS 9.5?




Thanks for your replay.

Here the thing is i have made a handler,steps followed as below

  1. i have takes a flow service and in Input/Out of service i have give pub.soap.handler:handlerSpec as a specification reference.

2.And i have used pub.soap.handler:registerWmProvider for registering my provider service and give the values for the mandatory filed “descriptiveName” in the pipeline

And i am trying to add the handler to the web service descriptor(provider),but i am not able to find my registered handler in the list


Please check if you had any restart of Integration Server post registering Handler, as IS stores handlers in memory and you need to re-create each time you restart IS.

You can also provide QNameslist while registeringWmProvider

I tried creating the same scenario in 9.9 and it is working fine.