Not able to access DSP's from load balancer(virtual ip)

I am able to access DSP pages from indiusual integration server( 4 IS instance in cluster/load balancer).
But not able to access from load balancer(virtual ip). Every time it asks from credential and denies the access.
I have set ACL for these DSP’s in .access file placed under pub folder where these DSP resides.
Are any thing that I need to take care to access DSP from load balancer?


Make sure you set session stickiness properly on the load balancer.
What is probably happening is that you are routed to one node for authentication. Then when you submit credentials, it is routed to another node, which wouldn’t know about the original session ID.


Hi Shiv,

I am just wondering if you have to do any setup in your wmJBoss port to access dsp pages incase of load balancing. I have a question on scope variable in dsp pages. How do I use scope variable to create a dynamic documentlist? I want my dsp page to return a document list instead of string list. All the examples have values hardcoded when returing a document list. I want to insert values dynamically.Can anyone send me the code to do that?


WmJBoss isn’t used for processing dsp pages. In any case, no you don’t have to do anything on the IS side for the load balancer. IS is blissfully unaware of its presence.

As Philip pointed out, the critical step is to appropriately configure the LB for server affinity so that a client is routed to the right server to access its session state.

Thanks Philip and Rob!. Jsp pages are working with same load balancer. I will check load balancer configuration and will update my findings.